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Banupriya SB

Clinical Psychologist

With a view to keep myself adept with Evidence Based Practises in the field, I completed my MPhil in Clinical Psychology from IHBAS (New Delhi). Although I keep my sessions structured, I am of the belief that nothing can replace genuine concern for the client. Through my work with children, I have come to understand that growing up is a challenging task in itself and I have faith in a child’s capacity to meet this challenge.

Given the right circumstances and scaffolding, they have the capacity to surprise us. And a safe and supportive environment is exactly what I aspire to bring about through my work with children. In addition to working with children, I have a strong yearning to work with adults faced with loss and bereavement, and I take an eclectic approach in my work. Participating in the process of a person working through his or her challenges and witnessing change has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.