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Dr. Nisha Vidyasagar

Psychologist - Psychometric Testing/ Educational Assessment

Registered Clinical Psychologist and has been practicing since 2007. A gold medalist from Kasturba Medical College, she has extensive experience in psychological assessments, psychotherapy and counseling. She has a good background in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, adults, couples and families for a range of issues, including academic difficulties, behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, personality, low self-esteem and adjustment difficulties.

She offers psychological assessments targeting the following:

  • Educational
  • Intelligence
  • Career
  • Personality
  • Emotional and Behavioural difficulties
  • Neuropsychological
  • Special needs
  • Others aiding psychiatric diagnosis

With children and adolescents coping with ADHD or learning difficulties; apart from assessments, she likes to work with them in improving their academic skills through the medium of study skills training.

In adults, with regard to management of conditions like depression, anxiety and other emotional problems, she firmly believes in enabling clients to become their own therapists and encourages an introspective, problem solving and a proactive approach to handle life’s crisis. She believes in maximizing the strengths and minimizing the impact of weaknesses in those who are facing difficulties as stated above. She also offers counseling on relationship issues arising within marriage/family/work settings.

Assessment and Therapy sessions are aimed at providing an objective and emotionally secure environment to work through the child’s, adolescent’s or the adult’s issues.