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Maullika Sharma

Counselor - Adolescent Counseling

Counselor who works with adults, children, couples and families. She helps people overcome their personal barriers to self-growth, by confronting, challenging, and possibly changing, their own beliefs, perceptions and stereotypes, to catapult themselves into a faster and more fulfilling orbit of personal growth.

She helps them resolve issues and roadblocks, so that they get comfort and strength from their undiscovered potential. In the process of this personal journey they gain emotional, mental and physical strength, and thus, become better equipped to confront the challenges of their environment

Maullika holds a Master’s degree in psychology and is a trained counselor with specialization in child & adolescent counseling, and couples and family counseling. Maullika has a special interest in the area of mental health and its implications in the workplace, and has worked with several corporate executives helping them deal with stressors of different kinds. She also has extensive experience working with children and adolescents as a school counselor for many years.